When it comes to your kids, you might feel like you are fighting a losing battle when it comes to their oral care at home—especially brushing their teeth. As a parent, you want the best for your kids, and that includes taking care of their oral health.

Here are some tips from your Mint Smile Studio family dental office for getting your kids on board when it comes to taking care of their oral health.

#1—Make Brushing a Family Affair

Mom and Dad, along with older siblings, should all brush their teeth together. If you make it fun and show a positive attitude, it will have positive connotations for your kids.

#2—Let Your Kids Pick Out a Fun Toothbrush

Take your child along to the drugstore or discount store and let them take a look at the wide array of toothbrushes available. Chances are, their favorite character from television, movies, or books is available in toothbrush form.

While you’re at it, let them pick out a fun-flavored toothpaste as well.

#3—Reward Kids Who Brush and Floss

Children tend to do better when they are working toward some kind of reward—even if it’s just a gold star on a chart for every time they brush and floss. Find out what motivates your child and use it to instill good oral health habits.

Make a Dental Appointment for Your Child

Part of taking care of your child’s oral health is ensuring they visit the dentist shortly after their first teeth erupt. This also established a lifetime of good oral health habits because children who go to the dentist on a regular basis tend to become adults who go to the dentist on a regular basis.