April is National Facial Protection Month, and we are reminding you that it’s not only important to wear a helmet when participating in sports, but also a mouthguard as well. Everyone wants kids to stay active, but we also want them to stay out of the emergency room after suffering a sports-related dental injury.

The American Dental Association has shown that athletes are 60 times more likely to damage their teeth when they are not wearing a mouthguard or sportsguard. If you notice athletes on TV, you'll see that they all wear mouthguards to protect their teeth.

When it comes to family dentistry in Mint Smile Studio, Dr. Vishal Advani and Dr. Shivani Desai Advani do not want your child to go through an injury that could have been prevented with a mouthguard.

How Does a Mouthguard Prevent Injuries to the Mouth?

A mouthguard or sportsguard provides a cushion between whatever causes the impact and the teeth; it also prevents teeth from hitting together violently.

What Kind of Mouthguard Should My Child Use?

Mouthguards can be purchased over-the-counter at many pharmacies and sporting goods stores. They are inexpensive and come in an array of different sizes. These are certainly better than nothing, but it’s important to keep in mind that they don’t last very long. They also tend to be uncomfortable, so there is a tendency for kids not to wear them.

A dentist can also custom-make a mouthguard that offers better protection than anything that is purchased at the local store. They are more comfortable since they are made to fit your child’s mouth, so athletes have a higher tendency to wear them. Thickness can be adjusted, depending on the nature of your child’s sport.

Don’t risk preventable oral injuries because your child is not wearing a mouthguard! Call us at 630-834-1698 for more information on mouthguards or anything related to family dentistry. We look forward to hearing from you!