Crowns and Bridges

Mint Smile Studio

For teeth that are significantly decayed, fractured, broken, or weakened by large older dental crowns can provide great protection to save your existing tooth. However if a tooth is too damaged to save or if you are missing a tooth a bridge can be used to fill your missing gap providing you a natural looking tooth that functions as your own teeth.


Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can give the opportunity so save a tooth in a natural appearing way that otherwise may have need to be extracted. Fractured teeth can be very painful and cause great difficulty in enjoying food, speaking and even smiling when they are in the cosmetic zone.

Sometimes a cracked tooth will force you to chew on the other side of your mouth which increases the force on that side and can cause more damage to your teeth. This can put you into a cycle leading to further dental problems.

Modern dental technology gives us the opportunity to fabricate dental crowns that blend beautifully with your natural teeth. We are pleased to offer crowns that are completely metal free as opposed to the older style of crowns that had a metal base. With non-metal crowns you will not have to worry about the dark metal line meaning only you and your dental team will know you have a crown.

The process of placing a crown requires shaping your existing tooth structure to give enough room for a crown and taking an impression for the crown to be fabricated exactly to your specifications. The crown will then be approved by you before permanently placing it into your mouth. You will then treat your crown as your own tooth. It's just that simple!

Dental Bridges

Missing teeth are not only cosmetic problems but also can lead to damage of other teeth as well as shifting of other teeth. Once a tooth is missing the bone in the area can shrink leading to possible changes in the appearance of your face and jaw. Additional other teeth in the mouth can shift into the missing space causing changes to your bite and even speech.  There are several options available to replace a missing tooth and a bridge has been a popular non surgical approach for years. Unlike partial dentures a dental bridge is fixed into your mouth so you do not need to take it in and out. We are able to use metal free materials to allow natural looking replacements for your teeth. Similar to crowns our bridges will blend beautifully with your natural teeth and no one else will know you have a missing tooth.  The process for dental bridges is similar to crown where the two side teeth around the missing tooth are shaped for the bridge to be placed on. Dental bridges restore your chewing function, prevent shifting of teeth, and give you a beautiful smile free from gaps.

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